Termites, small but mighty, are one of the biggest threats to your home. These tiny social insects can wreak extensive havoc on your commercial property even before you realize it. This is truer for homeowners whose houses are made primarily out of wood.  As they forage for food through their underground nests, termites will sneak their way undetected into your home through gaps in the foundation or climb-up wooden structures that make contact with the soil, such as wooden shingles, deck stairs, or wood trim.

Termites are among the few insects that derive their nutrition from cellulose, a major component of most building materials in your home. They hasten the decomposition of these materials and feed on them, causing structural damages to your property. Every year, these tiny insects cause over 30 billion dollars in damages to properties throughout the US. And this damage is not usually within most homeowners’ insurance coverage. 

But what can you do about it? Early detection saves you money. The most common sign of termite presence on a property is the mud tubes they build on surfaces between the ground and your home’s wooden structures.

Our experience and professional services include defining the parameters of the treatment. APM’s experts can quickly locate these termite colonies and determine how extensive the treatments must be to be effective. Our treatment methods vary depending on the infestation type. 

We offer general and spot treatment options to deal with an existing termite problem. And preventive treatment to keep them away for many years to come.