Inspections and treatment plans (quarterly, monthly, semi-annually, and seasonal) may be established based on the pest issues identified. An integrated pest management program is performed when public buildings are home to pests, insects, or rodents. All warehouses, offices, halls, bathrooms, basements, spa rooms, living rooms, or public spaces are inspected and treated accordingly. A soil treatment will act as a barrier that will help prevent pest infiltration through windows, doors, and foundation cracks and will work in unison with regular treatment for optimal control.

With APM, you are sure to get specialized commercial pest control services; on time and within your budget. APM Pest Control has experience serving a wide range of industries in Mooresville, Camby, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Plainfield, Avon, Martinsville, Bloomington, and Monrovia neighborhoods. We have developed a personalized pest control solution for each customer based on each facility’s specific needs. We use environmentally friendly techniques to control pests, such as heat treatment and eco-friendly solutions.